Because having access to your doctor is important

Some of you will find it hard to remember how to get in touch with us so I've made it easy. One way is to submit something right here. You can call us at 615-338-5750. Or on your smart phone just dial **DRLINN and you will receive a text message with our address and a direct link to our phone, an unsecured email address, and even my Twitter account. Use it to call, write, or Tweet. Just remember, if it's an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest ER. If it's after-hours and can wait, it may be the next day until you hear from me; because, hey, as much as I enjoy taking care of your family, I have my own to take care of also! 

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Now you can have immediate access to our office through your own patient portal. Sign up to be able to see your recent visits; review your notes, diagnoses and medications; message us immediately and even make upcoming appointments. It's like having your entire medical record right on your smart phone or tablet.