Summer is my favorite kind of disorganization

(Written in June, so you can tell how disorganized I really am!) Recently I was encouraged to start writing again, as if what I have to say could be impactful or thought-provoking. While that's possible - and I hope that I am able to live my life in such a way that promotes this - I write for different reasons beyond the purpose of this particular post. I know in the past I've promised to write more often or at least more regularly; but, since that hasn't happened, I promise not to promise that again.

As I sit here w/ my iPad in my lap writing this, it is 9:57 pm and I am watching my children play video games. Yes, it's past their bedtime and yes, they're playing video games. I can absolutely justify the video games, allowing more hours a day than I recommend to parents, because my boys jump on a trampoline when they play. Let me repeat that...95% of the time that my 5 and 8 year old sons are smashing Avenger Legos on the big screen they are continuously bouncing on a personal jumper or the floor. It's often the most exercise they get all day so they typically get more electronics time than they "should." But, hey, it's not a perfect world; it's MY perfect world. (Don't worry, I make them stop when the jumping begins to subside - or the arguing starts!) And we are making memories. I have a million things to do but they love having me present to show me just how many coins they collect or "bad guys" they stop!

Speaking of a million things to do...don't we all? Our minds are continuously listing out what "needs" to be done: groceries, laundry, dishes, meal-planning, packing for vacation, etc., etc., etc. During the school year I am off on Wednesday mornings as an administration day. I use that time to attend the Hendersonville Morning Rotary meetings (join me!) and then I hole up in my office paying bills, checking labs/imaging, reading physician notes, finishing charts, meeting with staff. In the summer, however, I take the entire day off on Wednesdays - to spend time with my family. After Rotary I come home and find ways to enjoy our time together. This means that everything else I am used to accomplishing on Wednesdays gets pushed aside, for whenever I can fit it in! This leaves me feeling entirely out of sorts; but, we are making memories. They know I'm present with them and we can just BE together.

Then there's vacation - and paying for that. With the school schedule, my life is not much different from many of my patients...I have to work in vacation time while formal learning is put on hold. I also have to figure out how to budget my time off from work. Like many other small business owners, being away from the office equals making less money. Since paying for trips requires money, it's a catch-22 to take off but need to be there at the same time. Even coming back often leads to working more hours to play catch up. This crazy conundrum of increasing the billable hours in order to take time away from work is beyond their knowledge and comprehension; and, for that, I am glad. All they know is that for two independent weeks out of every summer I am not leaving them. I am by their side through every experience and we are making memories. They have no idea what awaits me upon our return and often it is even unclear to me. Summer starts out with plans and intentions and ends in chaos and fun - and lots of memories - my favorite kind of disorganization.

The fussing is starting and I am ready for bed myself. I pray you allow what's left of Summer fill your memories - everything else will get done, eventually.