Trust me, it wasn't an easy decision.

Leaving Family Healthcare of Hendersonville was never my original intention when I moved here. Actually starting my own practice was not even on my radar. I was thrilled to fall into a practice with a good reputation and an established set of patients. But, as we all do with most situations in life, I started to realize that I wanted to do things a little differently than they were being done. And as things at FHC were always out of my hands, I decided that I should just try it. 

I know many of you may be disappointed with my decision but I trust that most of you will understand. Those who have had the opportunity to really get to know me will accept this as what is best for me and my family and, I hope, for you. My ultimate desire is to be the physician God desires, to practice medicine to the best of my ability and make decisions that are based on sound medical evidence and spiritual guidance. Jevhovah Rapha is the ultimate healer, the great physician. I chose a name that is not necessarily traditional but one that represents my foundation for the type of physician I wish to be. 

So here we are and I hope you will be as well.