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What's In a Name?

Actually...the name of something, of somebody, means a lot. God changed the names of multiple people in the Bible to more clearly define their character and purpose for His kingdom. (Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17; Jacob to Israel in Genesis 32.) In the same way I have chosen Rapha as the name of my clinic, which I hope will serve as a reminder to both myself and my patients to look to the ultimate healer for true guidance in medical care.


In case you're wondering or you try to Google it, it's also the name of a pretty cool looking company for cycling gear and accessories!

What is a D.O.?

I get this question a lot. Simple answer is this: There are two physicians in the U.S. who are licensed to practice medication through the prescription of medications and performing surgical procedures. One is an M.D. (allopathic medicine) and the other is a D.O. (osteopathic medicine). Most people don't know what kind their doctor is. We have the exact same number of years of training in school and residency with one difference. Osteopaths are also trained in manipulation and manual medicine. So, as I like to call us, we are M.D. Plus! For more information I encourage you to check out The American Osteopathic Association website.